How to open a BPI Trade account?

bpi trade
bpi trade

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How do you invest in the Philippine Stock Market? Have you been looking for an online broker, you may want to check out BPI Trade.

BPI Trade is the online stock trading platform of BPI Securities Corporation. You can buy and sell stocks listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) via this online portal. With BPI Trade, you have access to real-time market information, online order placement, portfolio management and research at a click of a button.

BPI Securities Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of BPI Capital Corporation, an investment house which, in turn, is wholly owned by the Bank of the Philippine Islands. The Bank of the Philippine Islands, founded in 1851, is one of the country’s largest Unibank.



  1. Go to and click Open an Accountbpi trade
  2. After reading the Terms and Conditions, Click the I AGREE link to proceed
  3. Fill out BOTH BPI Trade Online application form, FATCA and Signature Card
  4. Print all forms and bring them to:
    • Your nearest BPI or BPI Family Savings Bank branch. Sign forms in front of the branch personnel for signature verification vs. your valid picture ID
    • OR BPI Securities Corp. office located at 3rd floor BPI Building, Ayala Ave corner Paseo de Roxas, Makati 1226
  • Who can open an account with BPI Trade?
    All Filipinos of legal age, with TIN and BPI Deposit accounts can open a BPI Trade Online account.
  • Can foreigners open an account with BPI Trade? If yes, what are the requirements?
    Yes, foreigners of legal age can open an account with BPI Trade so long as they can present the following along with the Account Opening form, FATCA and Signature Card:ACR (Alien Certificate of Registration)
    Passport (mandatory requirement)
    If no ACR, a proof of work assignment in the Philippines with a local address
  • Are there any special requirements for opening a BPI Trade Account?

TIN (Tax Identification Number)
A regular savings or checking account with the Bank of the Philippine Islands

  • I do not have a Deposit Account with BPI, can I still open an account with BPI Trade?

A BPI Deposit account is required to open a BPI Trade Online Account. You may visit any BPI Branch nationwide to open a BPI Deposit account before opening an account with BPI Trade. For the list of requirements to open a BPI Deposit Account, please visit

  • What should I present to my BPI or BPI Family Bank branch aside from the Application form?FATCA
    BPI Signature Card
    Two (2) valid picture IDs, 1 Primary and 1 Secondary (expired IDs will not be accepted)


For more information, you may visit BPI Trade portal here.

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Check here on how to get your TIN.

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