Photo booth Business – What you need to know.

How to start a photo booth business? How to have your own photo booth rental? Is it still timely to start my own photo booth? What do I need to start up the business?

These are few of the questions from people who wanted to put up and are seeking information on how to setup their own photo booth business. Let’s try to answer them and probably we can throw in some tips and quick guides if you are interested in having the business of this kind for your own.

But why photo booth? Of all the possible businesses to put up, from food to various service oriented businesses, why should one aspiring entrepreneur choose a business related to photography?


  1. Having a photo booth does not require a monthly overhead space rental. You don’t have to have a physical store to market your booth. Although having a studio like store may provide some plus points, it is not really a requirement. You can store your booth at home and then just pack it and ready to go if you have an event booked.
  2. Low investment costs. Some may argue that it is not as “low cost” as people say, but the equipment as a whole or by part can easily be obtained. The camera, printer, lighting, and LCD monitor are available on many electronic shops. The light stand, tarpaulin stand, curtain stands, and the main stand (holding the printer, LCD monitor and camera altogether) can easily be sourced out or custom made from many local metal/aluminum workshops. Re-selling of the equipment are also easier compare to other businesses.
  3. Manpower cost can be on an on-call basis. Unlike other similar businesses where you need someone to stay on your store, the photo booth personnel can be on an as needed basis only. You can man it yourself or have someone if there is a booked event.
  4. No headaches for monitoring inventory. There is not much inventory to look out for in this business, just  handful of raw materials. Photo paper, photo standee, and the printer ink are the only typical inventory you’ll have to monitor.
  5. It’s a happy business. Due to the nature of the business, where in you are typically booked for a birthday party, wedding, reunions, and other similar celebrations, stress can be lesser compare to other service oriented business. You see people smiling, laughing, and typically having a good time.


To start your business, you need equipment and materials. This will be the items that will make up your booth. You need to practice how to use them and master them. You need to do trials as well, to make sure you understand how it works, and also to make sure you can troubleshoot it fast if issues occur. Remember that it can be a lot of pressure to troubleshoot while there is a long queue of people waiting for their turn to have their photos taken. You also need to practice setup time and packing it up. Events typically have a strict time policy, which means you need to be early and fast so your guests can maximize their rented out photo booth.


Equipment and others:

  1. DSLR Camera – any brand will do, just make sure it is compatible with your printer and the software that runs your photo booth business.
  2. Photo printer – similarly with the DSLR above, you need to make sure they can work together with your photo booth software. Also, the printer should be fast enough to handle continuous shooting from the the camera. A slow printer may render guest unsatisfied due to delays in getting their hard copies of the photo.
  3. LCD – any will do. This is where the guest can see their poses and smiles while waiting for the 3-2-1 countdown of the shot.
  4. Main stand – this will be the one holding the camera, LCD monitor, and the printer altogether.
  5. Tarpaulin or backdrop stand –  this will be holding the background tarpaulin for the theme of the event.
  6. Lights stand – you need enough lighting to have good and quality photo.
  7. A box of props – people love to wear funny stuff while in front of the camera. They can either be wacky or wackier!
  8. Photo paper and standee – the standee is where you frame the hard copy prints.
  9. Power outlet extension – this should allow you to plugin your devices and have enough length for big venues where the source outlet is far from where you are located.
  10. Extra camera batteries.


Marketing the business is not very difficult. You can use social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram just to name a few. Having your own webpage is another option. You can do flyers and distribute them, or have tarpaulin all over so people can reach you if they need someone for their event.

Costing for your service will depend mainly on your operational cost and how you deliver your service. You need to ask yourself, what is it that your client is buying from you. There are a lot of photo booth offerings, what is your USP or unique selling proposition? What makes you different from the others? What is your edge? And from there you can create your own pricing.

If you do not want to have your own brand and do not want to exert too much effort. You can go and franchise a photo booth business. You can find one particular brand, such as AUTOBOOTH.

So there you go, I hope I have helped you in realizing if the photo booth business is really for you.

For questions and suggestions, feel free to comment. Thanks!

4 Comments on Photo booth Business – What you need to know.

  1. hi po,interested ako magkaron ng photobooth business,wala po kc kmi car pang transport ng equipment pag may event,magkano po kaya ang rental ng car?

    • Hi, thank you for your feedback. I would not recommend renting a car for your photo booth as it will greatly raise up your operational costs. And if your cost is high, your price for booth services will also increase, and will impact your clients. Having your own transport is the best way so you can easily move your equipment from one venue to another.

  2. Hi po, interested po ako sa photobooth business. Meron na po akong DSLR(new) at Laptop(old), hopefully compatible to. Gusto ko lang malaman ang mga advisable na photobooth software, printer, LCD monitor, lights, photo paper, ink.

    • Thank you for your feedback. There too many photobooth software in the market, and it is unfortunate that we cannot evaluate each of them to tell which are the best in terms of compatibility with what you have already. You are the best judge to evaluate and try it out on your own. Typically photobooth software indicate their compatibility against existing brands and model of cameras and printers. This is one of the reasons why it is easier to franchise a photobooth brand such as AutoBoothPH ( You do not need to worry about the software, the equipment, the system, and of course the marketing.

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