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Rings Effects and stats Guide

  • Ring of God Divine Force: Grants Enlighten effect for 20s to greatly boost your stats. Get Divine Strike, Holy Verdict and Ancient Fury.
  • Ring of God Divine Strike: Launches a fierce attack with godlike power. Attacks 6 targets within range and deals damage to targets equal to 150% of ATK.
  • Ring of God Holy Verdict: Casts divine might to punish offenders. Attacks 6 targets within range and deals damage equals to 350% of ATK.
  • Ring of God Ancient Fury: Fury of the ancient gods that can even shake the entire world. Attacks 6 targets within range and deals damage equals to 500% of ATK.
  • Ring of Aura Twisting Slash: Delivers a circular attack to enemies around you. Attacks 4 targets within range and deals damage equals to 350% of PATK.
  • Ring of Curse Bloody Strike: Uses bloodlust power to attack 4 targets within range and deals damage that equals to 50% of PAT each second for 10s (PVE only).
  • Ring of Gale Gale Slash: Attack 4 surrounding targets with blades and deals damage equals to 300% of PATK.
  • Ring of Hatred Thorn of Soul: Strikes your enemies with a powerful thrust. Attacks 4 targets in a straight line dealing damage equals to 400% of PATK.
  • Ring of Nature Flaming Charge: Blasts your enemy in a roaring flame. Attacks 1 target in a straight line to deal damage equals to 150% of PATK and stuns the target for 1s.
  • Ring of Thunder Lightning Chain: Releases lightning bolt to attack 4 targets and deals 500% skill damage to the first target. Damage decreases as it reflects.
  • Ring of Faith Flame Aura: Reflects 40% skill damage when you and your teammates are attacked.
  • Ring of Celestial Purify: Deals great damage to the summoned monsters and dispels debuff for yourself and teammates within a certain range.
  • Ring of Guard Divine Light: After using it, your HP will be restored by 50% of your max HP.
  • Ring of Reverse Revenge Shield: The revenge flame forms a shield which absorbs 50% of damage received. With it you are immune to control effects such as stun, freeze, polymorph. 100% of the damage absorbed will be reflected back to your enemy 3s later.
  • Ring of Ruin Wild Fury: Unleashes unprecedented rage causing the next 3 attacks to deal an additional 250% skill damage.

Basic Stats

  • ATK: Causes damage to target.
  • DEF: DMG reduced when being attacked.
  • HP: Health Point available.
  • MP: Mana Point available.
  • HIT: Has a chance to ignore target’s dodge when attacking.
  • Dodge: Reduces damage received when being attacked.

Special Stats

  • Crit Rate: Chance to trigger crit damage when attacking.
  • Crit Damage: Damage increased by crit.
  • ASPD: Attacking Speed.
  • MSPD: Moving Speed.
  • Increased Damage: Increase the rate of damage dealt when attacking.
  • Reduces Damage: Reduces the rate of damage received when being attacked.
  • DMG Reflect: Has a chance to reflect a percentage of damage received back on attacker.
  • HP Regen: HP regained per second.
  • Ward Damage: Damage caused by each ward attack.
  • Elemental ATK: Special attack effect, ignores defense, can only be reduced by elemental defense.
  • Elemental DEF: Special defense effect, can reduce damage caused by elemental attack.
  • Ignore Defense: Has a chance to ignore targets defense when attacking.
  • Block: Has a 20% chance to reduce rate of damage received when being attacked.
  • Bleed: Increases Thunder Strike’s total dmg rate.
  • ATK + HP Regen: Each attack has a chance to regain a certain amount of HP.
  • Slash: Has a chance to stun target for 0.5s when attacking.
  • Damage dealt: After dealing final damage to the target, it will deal extra damage.
  • Reduces damage received: Reduces part of the final damage received when being attacked.

Stats Point

  • STR: Boost to increase ATK and Hit of archer and warrior. Required stat for boosting STR.
  • DEX: Boost to increase DEF and ASPD. Required stat for boosting DEX.
  • STA: Boost to increase HP. Required stat for boosting STA.
  • INT: Boost to increase ATK and Hit of mage. Required stat for boosting INT.


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