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war of rings

War of Rings Introduction, Tips & Guide.

A 3D MMORPG PVP mobile game, that gets you to travel in an adventures world full of challenges and battles, start choosing your own desired class from 3 different classes each of them has its own specially abilities and skills in a journey to collect the lost rings, start hunting down monsters in order to gain rewards and equipment to enhanced up your character strength or maybe even use the War of Rings cheats for free which is going to be a reliable source of diamonds in the game that would help you out with all the upgrades or improvements in the game.

The game was created by “Ujoy” and it is available to download it on Android or IOS platforms.

Game Story.

The demon has awaken the world is covered with plague and the world has fallen into darkness and chaos under the evil forces and army, only the mighty rings will be possessing the eternal powers that can save the world from the hands of the evil side, and bring piece back to the world, read the article to be able to know exactly where to find the rings and collect them all with the mighty mission of saving the middle earth from the evil upon it, also you can be finding simple War of Rings tips to keep going in your journey.

Ultra fast grinding and farming cheats.

Have you noticed why there are some players who already reached level 200 in just a day? Or how they can obtain rare items easily? It is because we are using cheats for grinding and farming that let us obtain x2 or even x3 result. The tricks here is to play with a team and get x2 or x3 loots/EXP based on the number of your team. This is unlike other MMO where all stuffs that you get from grinding will be divided on the number of members in team. In War of Rings, what your teammate will get in farming, will be also given to you. Meaning if you are two in your team, you can double it or if you are three, you can get triple the resources you will get. Most players can do that and that is why there are lot of players want to play in team. But unfortunately, it is not easy to get a team that is able to play the way you do.

The cheat here is to create 1 or 2 more accounts to support your main character.

We shall be going into the depth of the game and let you know how to simply upgrade the hero you have got. The most valuable currency in the game is the Diamonds and they are obtainable via completing missions or paying a visit to the shop inside the game.

The Game Classes.

The game contains different classes to play with and in the War of Rings guide we shall be expressing the details of them and let you know all their Cons and Pros to be able to pick up the right class that suits your play style exactly in the game.

The first thing we got here is the Warrior, his man pros that he is super strong at melee fights and has high Health points and attack damage, but that only applies to the melee combats but once the warrior enters against a ranged hero he will get eliminated easily and receive much higher damage so it is recommend to be using it as a tanker or in most of the melee battles.

The second class we got here is the Archer class, it is very solid at ranged battles using poison and the power of nature can deal great damage, it is recommending to use the class if you are good at distant combats and them battles but once you enter in a melee battle thing will never go to your side, but it is very strong in dealing high damages and taking out enemies much faster.

The third class we have is the Mage class. This class has not come out yet.

Check here for effects, stats, guides, and more hints.

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